Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Revisiting my Soy Sauce Selection

I've discussed Soy Sauce before. In that post, I mentioned the difference between the plastic jug of Pearl River Bridge and the bottle with the same label. The jug soy was saltier.  Recently, those labels became consistent and the bottled soy is now rated at the higher sodium level.  

I had thought I was just using less than before or my taste was changing, but this is also an explanation. 

I don't like the low sodium Kikkoman soy sauce really, though its the easiest to find. My preferences run toward naturally brewed sauces over the forced fermentation sauces.  I do like the Amoy First Extract soy sauce and it's only 100 mg more sodium than Pearl River Bridge's old sodium rating. That might become my preference.   And I picked up some brewed  Lee Kum Kee reduced sodium soy sauce as well to try.

I'll let you know what I end up choosing.

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  1. The LKK Less Sodium Soy Sauce is a strange one. Not a fan at all so far of that one.

    The little bit I tried of the LKK Double Fermented Premium Soy Sauce was pretty good and 1000 mg of sodium. So a reasonable alternative perhaps.

    I tried some of the original labeled Pearl River Bridge against some of the new label listing higher sodium levels. They taste the same so it was probably always a higher sodium product than the label said.

    I also picked up some Ve Wong Anka XO Soy Sauce with a stunningly low label sodium of 570 mg / 2 tablespoons. It's definitely lower sodium, with a smoother stonger soy bean flavor. Less wheat. Could be a serious contender for my replacement soy.

    More testing reports to come.