Friday, October 18, 2013

Premium Fish Sauce

As long as I was finding benefits in higher grade and more expensive soy sauce, this Red Boat Fish Sauce caught my eye, especially the high price.
The price at Amazon is outrageous. At my local asian grocer it was $7.49 which is still pretty steep for fish sauce.

Notice it says Nuoc Mam Nhi on the label. Nuoc Mam is the Vietnamese term for fish sauce. In Thai, it's Nam Pla. The "nhi" means first pressing for fish sauce.

The labeling is following the same ideas as high grade olive oil, though extra virgin has no defined meaning for Fish Sauce.

The 40 degree N doesn't make sense as latitude because they're much closer to the Equator. Turns out it's a reference to degrees of nitrogen, a reflection of protein content. Most other fish sauces are said to be about 20 degrees. This leads me to think that it would have a greater nucleotide impact as well as discussed in the Marinades part II post.

As an aside, proteins and carbs have the same calorie content per gram consumed. The difference is that the body has to strip nitrogen from the protein before it is used as a carbohydrate.

I've been a 3 Crabs user for most of my Fish Sauce needs. It's also a nhi grade fish sauce.  I've heard good things about Squid and Tiparos brands as well. Squid is more of a Vietnamese style, and 3 Crabs is Thai in origin.

I am interested in giving this a try. And they do have a catchy website, Red Boat Fish Sauce.

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